Drain Assembly Installation

Drain assemblies consist of the following components:

Installation Steps:

  1. Disassemble the sink drain assembly from the sink as packaged and lay the parts aside in order as they were removed.
  2. Apply a bead of 100% neutral cure silicone sealant to the underside rim of the strainer body (A).
  3. Fit the top thin rubber gasket (D) on the metal strainer body (A) with the grooved side down towards the sink.
  4. Inset the strainer body into the kitchen sink drain hole.  Firmly press the flange into the drain hole to create a proper seal.  Wipe away any excess sealant around the drain using a damp cloth.
  5. Insert the strainer cup & plug (C) with the locking nut (B) attached into the metal strainer body all the way and hold down with one hand.
  6. From underneath the sink, place the thick rubber gasket (E) with the grooved side up upwards into the grey plastic drain (F) then press against the bottom of the sink so the locking nut (B) matches up with the threaded hole.
  7. With your other hand, thread the locking nut (B) into the grey plastic drain (F).  Hand tighten until secure, then remove the strainer cup & plug (C) and finish tightening with a flat screwdriver that fits into the groove of the locking nut.
  8. Proceed to continue the plumbing installation as required.