How do I order a Zomodo product?

Please visit the “Where to buy” section on our website to see retail options to purchase Zomodo products.  We currently only sell through our partner distributors listed on this website.

I ordered a Zomodo product and it still has not arrived?

Please contact the retailer or wholesaler who you purchased the product from to inquire about the delivery date.  If the product is on back order your retailer should be able to provide an approximate date for arrival.  

My Zomodo sink shows scratches shortly after it has been installed, what can I do?

All stainless steel scratches, and sinks are not an exception.  Many of the Zomodo sinks are made with very high-lustre finishes as seen our Cayman, Montego and Integrato series, making the initial scratches on these sinks very noticeable.  Because of this,  we provide a Sink Care Pack in all Zomodo branded sinks which includes polishing oil and cream, along with a few fine scouring pads.  These products can be used to buff out some of those initial scratches to keep your sink sparkling for the first few months of use.  This pack can be found in the original Zomodo box (if you need an extra pack they can be purchased in our Product Care section). It should be noted that after continual scratching of your sink (from everyday use)  a new finish/polish will eventually be created, otherwise referred to as a patina.  The new patina will always be slightly duller than the original finish but as it grows will allow the scratching to blend in more and more.

Will the Zomodo PearlArc coloured sink show scratches? Will the colour scratch off after continual use?

Firstly we recommend to read about the PearlArc technology so a basic understanding of the colouring and protective scratch resistant process is obtained.

The PVD colouring process is a very robust and technical process which creates a deep coloured finished that actually penetrates the stainless steel at the molecular level.  This allows for the PVD colour to oxidize within the stainless steel grains.  This is unlike other metal colour processes such as powder coating or electroplating, both of which only stay on the metal surface and can be scratched off relatively easily during regular use of the sink.

In addition, the shot peening process we use provides another barrier of colour scratch resistance to our sinks, making it extremely unlikely that any silver stainless steel colour will show after regular wear and tear over the lifetime of the sink.

It is important to note that this does NOT mean a PearlArc sink will not scratch.  Again, we will clearly state that all stainless steel scratches, even PearlArc stainless.  However, the difference between our PearlArc sinks versus other stainless steel colour coated sinks is that our sinks will scratch in their respective colours, and maintain that colour as a new patina (see question above to understand what a patina is) is developed over time.